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Direct examination of an object, however, can only show the composition of the metal on the surface at the point where the spark is in contact. Sometimes this is the information desired, but care must be taken not to consider such information as necessarily indicative of the composition of the object as a whole, Because the details of spectrographic procedures vary considerably with the type of spectrograph and auxiliary equipment available, it does not seem possible to give a single detailed procedure for each kind of starting sample exactly suitable for use with any apparatus, nor does it seem practicable to give a number of detailed procedures, each for a different type of apparatus.

29 J . HAMMER, Zeitschrift für Numismatik, 2 6 , 21 ( 1 9 0 8 ) . GOLD AND ITS ALLOYS 41 fashioned from native gold, but in objects of lower gold content, especially those made from artificial alloys, the proportion of copper may approach or even exceed the proportion of silver. For example, object N o . 2 of Table 13 was found by analysis to contain 2-49 per cent silver and only a trace of copper, whereas No. 8 was found to contain 13-03 per cent silver and 11-61 per cent copper. It is obviously important to make some allowance for the possible presence of copper in considerable proportion when computing the gold content of objects of low fineness from specific gravity measurements.

R. C A L E Y , Examination of two gold objects of aboriginal manufacture, Ohio J. , 54, 149-150 (1954). J. W . M A L L E T T , Report on the chemical examination of antiquities from the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy, Trans. Rov. , 22, 313-342 (1849-1853). E. A. S M I T H , Notes on the composition of ancient Irish gold and silver ornaments, Proc. Roy. , 19, 733-746 (1893-1896). C. R. W I L L I A M S , Gold and silver jewelry and related objects, New Yerk Historical Society Catalogue of Egyptian antiquities, New York (1924).

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