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By usiog one of tìe following terms: The 6 forms of fl havespecialfeminine forms (seeGrammar 11). Thesemay be usedasfeminine endingsin the habitualpresenttense: Èqr$òs r iqr I ktql g qì"È | efrgftq r You Q-ow) come. Íou (Middle) do. Súe (Low) goes. Sfte (Middle) sleeps. The differencebetweentheseand the masculinenegativeendingsis úat the -È- -dai of úe masculinebecomes-È- -di. iúo", ã qrãÈ+Cr ktqTrrÌ<ïr I s F51$foq1 frfÌ Èkd-{ | You (I-ow) do not come. Íou (Middle) do not do. Súe (Low) does not cook She (Middle) does not weep.

So far, you have encountered (he various forms of Ít and È that mean am, ts, and are. These are all lbrms of the Nepali verb €l hunu Ío be. The dictionary form of a Nepali verb always ends in -1 -nu. This -1 cnding is attached to úe 'verb base' - the part of the verb that distinguishesit ftom all other verbs. For instance, tti garnu to do consists of verb base \- gâr- + the dictionary form ending -{ -nur dE basnu to sit, to rcside coÍrsists of verb base d{- bas' + the dicúonary form ending -{ -nu; Èq bohu to speak consists of verb base dq- trol- + the dictionary form ending -{ -nu and so on.

I know. Do you know? I don't know. Cl9 Ratan'smotorcar Subir and Anand havejust spottedtheir friend Ratandriving pastin a red car. Sfrt rrò+ã{qrd+ÌÈ? Subir rãto motsrmã tyo ko ho? Wo is thatin the reil car? ïi-< Anand ffi,Èe+r Râtân, hoina? It's Ratan,isn't it? -fr{dÈ I cffiqrd+ã{o t r Rataqifto ãphno molâr cha? rãto molar ratanko ho? Subirko ãphno motâr úa? r Vffia"{+ìÈr

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