Altered America by PDF

21 fascinating stories of exchange History!

What if destiny had became out otherwise in those United States?

What if the Louisiana buy by no means happened?
What if George Washington have been a Loyalist?
What if a billionaire cloned the Founding Fathers?
What if the Vikings had settled North America?
What if the Apollo eleven moon touchdown had failed?

These and lots of different situations are explored in
Atlered America!

Featuring tales by way of Jackson Kuhl, Dan Gainor, Bruno Lombardi, Edmund Wells, Sam Kepfield, Brad Hafford, Erik Bundy, Dusty Wallace, Owen Morgan, Ryan McCall, Jason Sharp, Sean Menken, William R.D. wooden, Jeff Provine, James S. Dorr, Martin T. Ingham, Lauren A. Forry, Cyrus P. Underwood, Charles Wilcox, and Philip Overby.

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Earth 2381: The hordes of humanity have withdrawn into remoted 1000-story Urbmons, with ease managed multicity-buildings which perpetuate an open tradition of loose intercourse and unrestricted inhabitants development. the majority of Earth's seventy five billion dwell within the countless numbers of monolithic constructions scattered around the globe, aside from the small agricultural communes that provide the Urbmons with nutrition.

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Thousands of years sooner or later, Earth is a desolate wreck. the 1st human send to come in millennia discovers an deserted barren region inhabited merely by way of a number of degenerate or mutated human outcasts. yet between them is a boy of giant local intelligence and resolution who's captured, taken in, and knowledgeable, and disappears—to develop as much as turn into the strength in the back of a plan to make Earth flower back. he's, if no longer immortal, at the very least very long-lived, and he plans to construct an self sustaining strength base out within the galaxy and strength the galactic empire to commit centuries and tremendous assets to the recovery of the ecology of Earth.

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Morale isn’t stronger by means of a record of Skinks at the uncolonized global of Ishtar—which signifies that FIST needs to flip round and head correct again into the jaws of hell with out downtime. yet none of that concerns to Lieutenant Charlie Bass and the 3rd platoon of corporation L. They’re Marines, they’re the easiest, and they’ve obtained a role to do.

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Setting apart her heartbreak, Tressa ventures past the Dragonlands to the mysterious realm of Desolation, looking for allies and solutions. There, she faces enemies extra robust and devious than she's ever encountered before.

Yet amid the violence and destruction, Tressa discovers a mystery that's been stored over 80 years. A mystery that may be the major to saving the Dragonlands, as soon as and for all.


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