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By Donald F. Glut

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Our begin Exploring™ introductory texts, offered in coloring-book shape, are loved by way of adults in addition to youngsters. they supply terrific introductions to complicated topics in an easy obtainable method.

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These are the dinosaur hunters. Most paleontologists have years of training in their subject and in other fields of science such as geology and biology. " Some of our most spectacular dinosaur discoveries have been made by non-paleontologists. The biggest known dinosaur, seismosaurus, was discovered in 1979, by three amateursArthur Loy, Frank Walker, Jan Cummings, and Bill Norlander. Paleontologists do different kinds of work. Some work in the field and spend much of their time searching for and collecting fossils.

This gave Troodon good vision and let the animal see in three dimensions. Because of its large brain, Troodon is regarded by some paleontologists as the smartest of all known dinosaurs. However, this does not mean that troodontids were smart. On an IQ level, troodontids were probably as smart as today's large flightless ground birds, like the emu. (An emu is not very smart. ) The "smartness" of a troodontid was most likely related to basic behavior such as reflexes and limb control, not to any kind of reasoning.

Unlike most theropods, therizinosaurids had horn-covered beaks. Their mouths contained a toothless area, and then a series of cheek teethflat teeth in the back of the mouth, like our molars. This arrangement suggests that these were among the few kinds of theropods that ate plants instead of meat. According to recent interpretations, which may or may not be correct, Therizinosaurus resembled a dinosaurian gorilla or slothpaleontologists do not know for sure (the illustrations depict one possible example of its appearance).

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