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Opposed to Borders: selling Books for a Multicultural global [Paperback]

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It shows the World War II experience of Japanese Americans, including her own family, who were herded up and sent to concentration camps. It's a story of prejudice and injustice, personal and official, and Hamanaka is passionate about what happened to her people. But some of Hamanaka's books aren't focused on the Japanese American experience at all. A Visit to Amy-Claire is a picture book about a family, about sibling rivalry, and the family happens to be Asian American. Recently, Hamanaka illustrated a delightful picture book, Sofie's Role by Amy Heath, about a family bakery, and there are no Asian characters at all.

Or that Chinese American Ed Young can't illustrate African American folklore because he can't really know the culture. One of the most violent debates swirling around the issue of multicultural literature relates to accuracy and authenticity. Of course accuracy matters. You can get a lot of things wrong as a writer, an artist, or a reviewer when you don't know a place or a culture. S. For example, she shows that one illustration has characters wearing their kimonos in a style that only dead people are dressed in, another shows characters with chopsticks in their hair; a third depicts Page 22 food in a manner appropriate only when served to deceased ancestors.

Adapt them, mix them up, dip into them to suit whatever curriculum project you're working on. Or, better yet, build your own bridge. The perilous journey is only one theme, one way of using multicultural literature to connect rather than separate. I make connections very simply. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm young people with abstract analysis or with pretentious lectures on the labyrinth as symbol of the unconscious or with feel-good moralistic stuff about following your bliss. The focus should be on the story, character, and immediate situation; that's what lures readers into the book.

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