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By Aloysius Muzzanganda Lugira

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Other influential spirits of the community are intermediaries, guardians, and ancestors. Intermediaries are spirit agents that act as go-betweens between divinities and humans. Spiritual guardians and ancestors are protectors and advocates for humans, spiritually positioned between superhuman beings and human beings. sPiRiTs of ThE sPiRiT woRLD African tradition and thought consider spirits to be elements of power, force, authority, and vital energy underlying all existence. Invisible though this power may be, Africans perceive it directly.

When it appeared on a Ghana postage stamp, it was called “The Omniscience of God,” referring to God’s quality of omniscience, or knowing all things. ” That is to say that no one saw the beginning of creation, and no one will see its end, except God. (In Noel Q. ) Most African oral traditions have pointed to the existence of a power above which there is no other power, a Supreme Being, Creator, and Originator of the World. The African Concept of Monotheism In Western religion religious systems are usually classified as either monotheistic, that is, believing in one God, or polytheistic, believing in many gods.

ORisAnlA Orisanla or, as he is sometimes called, Obatala, is the second in command in the Yoruba pantheon. Yoruba tradition refers to Orisanla as the offspring of Olodumare. ” Iwa, according to the Yoruba, is the very stuff that makes life a joy, because it is pleasing to God. Orunmilla once sought the means of success in life and was told that the only way was for him to marry Iwa. He accordingly married Iwa and became very successful. The Yoruba people say: Character is all that is requisite.

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