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By John P. Burgess

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Numbers and different mathematical items are remarkable in having no destinations in house or time and no factors or results within the actual international. This makes it tough to account for the opportunity of mathematical wisdom, best many philosophers to include nominalism, the doctrine that there aren't any summary entitles, and to embark on bold initiatives for reading arithmetic to be able to guard the topic whereas removing its gadgets. an issue without item cuts via a bunch of technicalities that experience obscured earlier discussions of those initiatives, and provides transparent, concise bills, with minimum necessities, of a dozen ideas for nominalistic interpretation of arithmetic, therefore equipping the reader to judge every one and to check diverse ones. The authors additionally provide severe dialogue, infrequent within the literature, of the goals and claims of nominalistic interpretation, suggesting that it really is major in a truly diverse means from that typically assumed.

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The task of articulating explicitly the implicit principle of classification underlying a list of examples and counter-examples—or conceptual analysis, as it is called—is notoriously difficult. It should therefore not be surprising or disturbing if success is achieved only after many failures; if quite a few ways that turn out to be dead ends have to be explored before the way that leads us where we want to go is found. The Way of Abstraction might be called the Way of History, since it in effect directs attention to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century notions of abstraction, which were much debated by philosophers and mathematicians alike, from George Berkeley to Georg Cantor.

The reasons why may be summed up under four heads, in order of increasing importance: (i) the status of Goldman's theory; (ii) the scope of the particular problem to which that theory was supposed to provide a solution; (iii) the nature of the particular problem to which that theory was supposed to provide a solution; (iv) the nature of the general problem addressed in the specialist literature, of which that particular problem was but one aspect. As to point (i), Benacerraf's work was fairly closely tied to the specialist literature of the time, in which Goldman's theory was considered a promising candidate for a solution to the problems it addressed.

B nominalist appropriations of Benacerraf's work have tended to float free of any mooring in the specialist literature. Had the development of that literature been followed more closely, it would have been seen that Goldman's theory, however promising it seemed initially, increasingly encountered difficulties. It has by now long since come to be considered less satisfactory than several rival, non-causal theories. ) Points (ii) and (iii) require some background. Philosophers since antiquity had held that there is a distinction to be made between genuine knowledge and mere right opinion or true belief.

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