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The “sure loss” or “Dutch Book” argument can be extended to justify a principle for changing one’s degree of belief by conditionalization (see Section 11). Conditionalization, recall, assigns a new probability when evidence is obtained as the old conditional probability on that evidence: prnew (h) = prold (h | e). (Teller 1973; Lewis 1999; for a more general form of conditionalization, see Jeffrey 1983). If coherence is an extension of consistency, it provides a model for the justification of the axioms of probability as representing degrees of belief that is a priori (not dependent on experience or sense perception).

The basic notion – confirmation itself – is not quantitative. Perhaps, the blue shoe does provide confirmation, only very little. Hempel also observed that simply to reject the EQ is questionable because hypotheses are involved in deductive arguments (for explanations and predictions), and validity does not vary with logically equivalent sentences. ” The wellknown findings are that to test the conditional “if there is a vowel on one side then there is an even number on the other” with cards A, D, 4, 7, subjects turn over the A card, but not the 7, and many the 4.

Because a fallacy is a serious failure of reasoning, the principle of charity, as well as the cp, are alleged to undermine a fallacy reading, especially, where an evident nonfallacious alternative is available. In (26)–(27), the first premise, although stated as a conditional, is reasonably meant as a biconditional and then the inference goes through. Scepticism about the commission of fallacies is unwarranted. , if A, B; so if not A, not B), let alone being a fallacy (which would be to commit a Moore’s Paradox: “My argument establishes its conclusion, but the argument is fallacious”).

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