A heart so white by Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa PDF

By Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa

ISBN-10: 0141199954

ISBN-13: 9780141199955

ISBN-10: 0141199962

ISBN-13: 9780141199962

A guy marries a lady and after the honeymoon she commits suicide. as a consequence, he marries her sister and has a son. the radical, which received the Spanish Critics' Award, recounts the son's efforts to find the reality of that mysterious tragedy. through the writer of All Souls.


If Ranz has advised no lies to his son Juan, that's simply because Juan has requested no questions. but if Juan marries, and his spouse and father have issues to inform one another, drama follows. And Ranz's Read more...

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137) Most writers would have put something stronger – a colon or a dash – between ‘men in general’ and ‘women have more’. We are moving swiftly, after all, from a character’s individual perception (‘I couldn’t tell’), to a broad and lofty generalization (‘women have more of a community feeling’): two quite different modes of discourse. But by separating them only with a comma, Marías doesn’t allow his readers any space to pause, or reflect, as they negotiate the transition. In fact, we soon become so accustomed to the smooth but convoluted rhythms of his prose that we stop noticing how often these transitions take place, how frequently and seamlessly he carries us from a narrative mode to a discursive one.

Sebald spoke of him as a “twin writer”: their narrators are commonly in states of malaise or fever; their narratives are interested in those same patterns of association that exhaust all possibilities; their prose exerts an almost opium effect over the reader as time slows down, expands or is still’ Sarah Emily Miano, Guardian ‘His prose demonstrates an unusual blend of sophistication and accessibility’ Wyatt Mason, New Yorker ‘Javier Marías is such an elegant, witty and persuasive writer that it is tempting simply to quote him at length’ Scotsman My hands are of your colour; but I shame To wear A Heart So White.

The woman in the street stood there with her mouth open, not saying anything, and put her hand to her cheek, the hand which, disappointed and ashamed, had slipped gently down from on high. There was no misunderstanding now. “Oh, sorry,” she said after a few seconds. ” All her anger dissolved in an instant and she realized what had happened – that was the worst part – that she realized she’d have to go on waiting, perhaps on the same spot she’d been before, not beneath the balconies, she’d have to return to her original place on the other side of the street beyond the esplanade, to perform that same swift, furious dragging of her sharp heel after every two or three steps, three blows with an axe followed by a stab, or a stab followed by three blows with an axe.

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A heart so white by Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa

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